Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Can u believe???

Can you believe September is almost over?? I certainly can't, parts of me are very happy that it is though, it's such a crazy month with school starting, scheduals, & all those dang birthdays!!!! Speaking of birthdays....a very happy birthday to Tim....I've had great joy of picking on him this morning with the over the hill stuff, he's a whoppin 45 today!!! Tomorrow is miss Bries...then the birthdays are DONE!!!! YAH WaHOO!!!!!!
Not a whole lot going on to really report...Krystal finally got permission to ride with a boy this past Sat. I swear I have dreaded this day since I became a mom. My stomach was in knots until she arrived safely back home. I don't think that will ever change though. Zac's been scoping out his hunting spot & started making a "blind" & patiently counting down days till hunting season. Miss Brie...she's still just being Brie, totally boy crazy but at least focuses on her school work still thank goodness. Also very proud of Krystal, she's head chef for a big function thursday night...so exciting!!! Oh & the most shockin of all my boy is on high honor roll so far he has 100 in every class but 1....never thought I see that day....he really wants his license & the deal is he makes honor roll all year, we pay for drivers ed....I have faith in him & do believe he can do it!!! That's about it for happenings here...just enjoying the fall beauty that surrounds me.

Monday, September 21, 2009

They survived.....

What a very long but fun birthday for my little girl....they started at noon on Sat & went straight through to 3pm Sunday!!! Once they got home from the homecoming dance, 3 out of 5 decided they were jumping in the pool....it was 34 degrees out & the pool water was only 50 something BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR but we figured what the heck you only live once...so a quick one, two, three & they were in the pool! They jumped right back out as quick as they went in lol....then it was campfire, smores, talk all night....innocent & fun! I'm happy she had such a good time, mommy is still tearing up over the fact she is 18 & we are thinkin about what college to send her too..ugh!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

All ready for homecoming...my beauties

The girls were so excited to get ready all together for the dance...brie trying to fit right in with her big sister. I'm thinking they will be a wee bit cold tonight, we were when we went out to take photos. They plan on coming home getting into warm jammies, having a campfire making smores, playing flashlight tag, telling scary stories, etc; I'm thinkin they won't get much sleep..oh yes they are still planning on sleeping in the tent....BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! But to think this will be her last big hooorah with friends so why not let them have fun & enjoy that last bit of being a child. Of course I'm sure there colds will be a wee bit worse, but I think it will be worth it, today was filled with fun innocence today. Heck for the most part you wouldn't know we had 6 teenage girls in our house, they watched a movie, had a cookout, danced on the deck, rolled down the big hill (being silly), set up the tents, played eat the gross baby food or get pied in the face toooooo funny!!! Nothing major but they had alot of fun & I love watching her laugh & just be herself forgetting about hospitals, drs, work, school, etc just living & loving life in that moment.....let you know how the night goes!

HAPPY 18th Birthday Krystal

I so cannot believe my little girl is 18 today....she's been having a blast just being silly with her friends..getting ready to head to homecoming with her friends.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Finally settling in.....

We are so much closer to finally settling into our new home....finally a place to call HOME! We had to throw so much of our stuff away from the other house due to mold & mildew damage, it was so devastating in so many ways, but have come to peace with most of it thinking...A FRESH new start! I sit & wonder sometimes how many times do we start living life all over again before we can finally just settle & enjoy the time we do have on this earth? But this starting all over this time is a good thing (I think)...a house with plenty of room for the whole family & friends to gather, a place where we aren't on top of each other all the time, walls thick enough so you really can't hear much of what's being said in the next room, no leakin roof (lol), beautiful views, love the landscaping, so many positive things.....in time & with alot of money we will beable to replace what was lost except the sentimental things that can never be replaced. In time I will have a space set up so perhaps I can create a little each day as my body allows. My body really isn't adjusting to this change of weather at all, chronic pain, but I tell myself I will be ok, at least I am still alive to watch my babies.....
Tomorrow one of those babies turns 18!!!! Krystal is not looking forward to it, she wants to stay a child & enjoy life (minus all the sickness). She is having a few girls over to hang out, camp out & play flashlight tag, make smores, sit by the campfire...all innocent fun....shes amazing doesn't expect or want much. Sadly it's only going to be in the 50s so there won't be any swimming....
Brie is in Louden for the day, she was one of four selected to hang out with Ryan Newman for the day & meet all the other drivers, watch them qualify. Its part of NASCAR educational outreach program. Great opportunity for her...I was jealous
Zac man is just totally excited that we are getting closer to hunting season, planning on getting a big one this year...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So quiet....

It is so quiet, but peaceful during the days here with the kiddos all back in school. All I occasionally hear is the sounds of the little feet of the puppies on the wooden floors...it is too funny to watch them play & slide across the floor. My days around here have been sitting on the back deck enjoying the weather or sitting near the pool just relaxing although yesterday we had two things attempting to take a swim but were unsuccessful....two mice!!! Yuck but still better than a snake! LOL Loving the new high speed wireless internet I can go anywhere with the laptop & check out things if I want.....although I'm not a huge computer person so that don't happen alot. Love the view of the mountains, love the wildlife in our back yard, with almost 6 acres of land you can imagian our son is very happy to go exploring. We have a bunny that visits every morning.....which the pups aren't too crazy about. I love the privacy & the country setting we live in.....soon hopefully I'll be saying I love my new scrap room, tim has to put up shelving & finish arranging things....while my dad, son, brother & tim were moving all the stuff they all agreed I have way too much scrap/stamp stuff & I could open my own store....LOL....so will be selling alot of it when we can go through everything to see what I really don't need anymore plus I see there is alot of new fun stuff coming out that I just have to have so will have to sell my stuff off to make room & afford the new goodies.
Our sweet daughter Krystal is turning 18 this Saturday.....can't believe how fast that went....talking about colleges already because we have to start with the finances of it. She has already been voted head chef for two functions coming up, her teacher wants her to do national championships cook offs...going to new york city in a few weeks, france in the spring....so many wonderful experiences for her coming up.
Loving this weather....I so love fall, it's my favorite time of year, the beauty of it is wonderful. The smell of candles burning, the crisp air.....love it!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

So much to catch up on.....

First off I need to say Happy Birthday to my very wonderful mom!!! We all love you so much & don't know what I would do without all your love & support in the good & bad times...your the best...love you!!
Finally back in the real world, boy have we felt like we've been living in the dark ages with no computer, no phone, etc; but it was for a very very good reason....Tim just bought a new house so we've moved & are loving most of it....I'm not a good person for changes (g00d 0r bad) so in time it will be all good!!! My absolute favorite part in the landscaping & the large inground pool!!! Zac man & brie took a dip a few times already even though the water is about 65 - 70 brrrrrrr too cold for this chick!!!! During our move one of our pups ran away the same day from it's suppose to be new owner she was gone for a week, we spent so much time in between the guys moving everything looking for her. We found her monday night & needless to say she isn't going anywhere ever again!!!!! We took a break from moving one night for a stress reliever & took the kids to the motor cross stunt thing at the fair, which was neat, luckily not a long show as the seating was really uncomfortable.......thank god for the pain patches....whoever evented those should be highly praised, no doesn't take away all the pain but makes it tolerable for me to get out with my kids for a little bit with taken the prescribed amount of pills. I still pray each & every night I will be like my old self once again some day....my dr's say it's a very very slim chance but I have to hold onto hope.
Zac joined the fire dept & had his first meeting the other night & loves it!!!He has become such a fine young man, we are so proud of him!!!
That's about it for now....hope all is well to my extended family.... hope to see you soon!!