Tuesday, December 9, 2008

a little behind...

a little behind on keeping this blog updated that is!!! I'm not quite sure where time has gone & hard to believe it is the 9th of Dec. already!!! Sooooooo I will try to do quick updates of December so far. Beginning of the month Tim had taken time off from work to stay home with me to help out with things that really needed to get done & to spend some time together....some days were great others I kept thinkin when you goin back??? Just because of the normal days here, he was forever trying to keep me occupied & keep company with me but when i'm not used to it, it made it hard to get used to if that makes any sense. Now that he's back to work I have a whole other "honey do" list of things I would like done.....Krystal entered Lancasters Old tyme Christmas gingerbread contest & won!! Her theme was Santa on vacation tiki hut for the house, palm trees, & Santa laying on the beach really cute.She's already designing new ideas for next year. Friday night Tim came home with a really bad toothache, called the dentist at 9:30pm for prescriptions...antibiotics & vicodin. Poor guy was in ALOT of pain all weekend & still is. He went to the dentist yesterday & he can't have anything done until thurs. morning he has a really bad absest tooth. Even though he was in alot of pain on Sat. he still tried to do something as a family because krystal had Sat. off & it is rare if all of us are together, so he took us out for breakfast.....YUMMO!!! Later that day he went to buy kerosine for the house finally down to $2.69 a gallon & gas was $1.75....how great that is getting to be. Last night Brie had her christmas chorus concert at the high school, was very good....the hs chorus is great! Today we had our first official snow storm...yes we've had snow flurries, but this one actually accumulated to almost a couple inches. I've been working on my daily december album, so far behind on the journaling part of it. Oh yesterday I was sooooooo excited I won something off from Tim Holtz's blog...love that man & his products! Zac brought home his JROTC pics....wow does he look like a grown man in his uniform. I'll have Tim show me how to scan into computer so everyone can see.
we're slowly getting a few xmas decorations up (one of the many honey do things to be done)!
STAY WARM>>>time to lay down

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