Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving....

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by the spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lightened the flame with in us....Loved this quote i just read & wanted to share it with you all!!!!
I am so saddend that my brother cannot be sitting at our thanksgiving table with us this year, he is one sick boy!!! Bronchitis in both lungs, Pneumonia in one lung & the flu on top of it!!! So he cannot be near anyone for a week!!! It saddens me because my brother is my strength to guide me through the hard times, my brother is one of my very best friends, my brother is my sanity when I need it most.....my brother is my everything!!! Those of you not blessed to have a sibling closeness like this just don't know what your missing out on....he & I really should've been twins...So please say a prayer for him that he gets through this & is on his way to a speedy recovery very soon!!!
I've been flattend by a horrible kidney infection & now have added two more meds to my daily regimen....praying it's not from the other meds that my kidneys are messing up on me...that would not be cool at all....so yup my mom & dad are a little over whelmed with both threre babies being down & out!!!
On a positive note (which is still so hard for me to find many positives lately)....I am so looking forward to spending time with the rest of my family & all my in-laws this week!!! Looking forward to Pizza night with my father in law ( he knows what food speaks to my heart) & I know what food speaks to his...Chocolate cream pie for breakfast....lol!!!
For the rest of you, even the ones making my life a living hell right now I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving & that you are blessed to have someone to share it with!

Friday, November 20, 2009

sick of.....

I am so sick of the rain!!! It is such a cold raw rain out there right now....would love to be having an indian summer right about now, maybe that would cheer me up???? I am so sick of feeling like a prisoner in my own house, for a while I felt so safe here, but in the past couple weeks my "safe" feeling has left....I even have had to call the police, I've had someone stalking me & it really really sucks...it increases my stress levels which increases my pain levels...sick to my stomach all the time. It is so sad that when i want to take a shower I don't even feel safe....see it is a horrible scarey feeling because we have found out that there are a few people that Tim arrested have now been let out of jail & would love revenge...so i just can't put into words how horrible this is!!! I never thought i would have to live a life where i have to carry a loaded weapon with me at all times, keep loaded weapons in my house...exactly why i told tim i would never move to the city I didn't want to live like this. My children are frightend to know someone is watching us! It is tearing the family up....I do have to say I have an amazing friend that keeps a close eye on me when Tim has to work.
I see everyone is posting what they are thankful for...so I'm going to try to focus on the positive for a moment....I am thankful for the warmth of in our home, thankful tim has a good job, thankful for the good meds that get me through the day, thankful all our family that will be joined together next week, thankful I have the most amazing children that try so hard to make there mama smile everyday, so thankful of the people they have become, thankful for my TRUE REAL friends, of course can't forget my little four legged kids...
So today I am really going to try to pull myself out of the corner where I can't be watched & amount to something little...I hope but for now really enjoying the smell of my wonderful candles burning & scenting the house nicely....

Friday, November 6, 2009

bad blogger...

So it's been a while since i've updated, not that there is much to update because it's the same ole same everyday just about. I've hit a rut in life I guess, been surrounded by death losing some loved ones, the change in weather is not helping...I ache so badly that it's not even funny & my energy levels are so drained from the pain. Since the move I have not even created one thing, keep telling myself I'm going to get off the couch & try to make something, but never make it to the room. I'm scared most of the time to go into public with this whole swine flu thing. The two youngest drill team season is winding down, they've had the chance to travel to places that we have never taken them which is cool. Zac just got nominated Riffle team commander which is great, I am so proud of him!!!
Krystal has been in & out of hospital again....still no true answers. It's so frustraiting!!!! She is so excited though she leaves Sunday morning for New York City!!! Of course mom is scared to death something will happen while she's there & I'm sending her to the city...ugh!!! But I'm sending her with one of the cameras so she can take tons of photos to show us all the fun!! Maybe some year we will make it to NYC????
Right now I can see that it is snowing up on the mountains off in a far distance....I am so not ready for the yucky white stuff!!!Hope you all have a great weekend.....till next time LIVE, LAUGH, & LOVE... enjoy every moment with your loved one, because in a moment it can be taken away from you!