Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

A belated happy mothers day to all the moms out there, hope your day was filled with happiness & love. I spent mine on couch sleeping (finally) all morning & then went to have finger sandwhiches with my mama, grandma, tim, krystal, zac & very quiet, not thrilling. But am grateful I am still blessed enough to have my grandma & mom still here.
I am needing more prayers for my uncle which has now been moved to rehab somewhere in VT...he keeps spiking fevers which sets him way back. and also, Thursday night, layin on couch I heard the ambulance get toned to one of my dearest friends went to be with her...she is only 36, her husband of 14 years walked out on her day after xmas leaving her with 4 small children ages 10, 8, 4 & 2...i knew she was alone & needed to be with her..the tones said she was unconcious & not sure if breathing...heartbreaking!!! So she spent one night up here in the hospital with alot of bad episoids throughout night, then she was shipped to ICU in DHMC. I haven't had a chance to go see her I was having a bad weekend between extreme pain in head/neck & then my stomach from where i had surgery was so intense....anyways it is her heart as far as we please say prayers & lots of them for her she needs to get home to her babies...they are so scared not only has there daddy left them & has no contact with them at all, but now mama is in unfair life can be sometimes.
I have to say I am blessed with a great friend & brother that lifted my spirits a little today as I was to point of hating life again...thank you guys for being here with me & helping me...couldn't do it without you.
hoping this finds you all managing to stay warm on these very chilly days....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of you that did pray for my uncle Rolly...after 12 days of being in a coma, he finally woke up!!! He is no where out of the woods yet but was so great to have him talk to us the other day!!! Last night got a call from my dad though saying he had spiked a fever again & the dr's were working on him asking for a few more prayers to help get him through this. My Aunt Cindy (his wife) needs them too as she is battling cancer & having chemo treatments at the same time....they are both the greatest people & need a break from all this terrible stuff!!!
For myself...well this weather is certainly raising havoc on my body!!!! I pray for myself just ONE day to be pain free...but don't want to complain too much, as my uncle is so much family & dear friends have been a huge help to help today washed my quilt..we put it outside to dry for that fresh crisp yummy smell for when I crawl in bed tonight...well stupid thunderstorm came out of no where & it's soaked...just my
The kids are all doing ok...allergies have attacked us all!!!!! Brie had a competition in JROTC this past weekend..I am so proud of her...and her team..the placed 1st in 3 catagories & 2nd overall... zac is enjoying the fire dept still & Krystal well her high school days are winding down..soon she will be graduating...I am so proud of all my the people they are becoming & know what they want to do with there futures...Krystal...culinary, Zac...cop & fireman, Brie is joining the Marines....all great choices & fits them all to a "t"!!!!
Hope all my extended family & my friends are all doing well...sending loves out!!!