Saturday, December 26, 2009

So glad it's over!!!

Miss Munchkin was up early & patiently waiting to find out how many of those presents were her's!!! LOL Santa did a great job here again as always...he got me the newest itouch so i can have something to do on all those endless hours at the hospital. Then a tripod..i've wanted one for years & never have had one so now i finally do, a very large gift card to a local scrapbookin store, & a few other things. The two youngest got there new ipods too....we have to go buy the "skins" so we can tell who's is who's...Krystal badly wanted a video camera so that's what santa brought her, they were all happy. We spent xmas eve at my dads & xmas day at my moms...I'm one hurting girl today, but was great to spend time with my family from all around. Hope everyone enjoyed there xmas holiday. LIVE LAUGH & LOVE!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Wanted to say a very Merry Christmas to my family & true friends. I hope you are all going to be blessed to spend time with your loved ones. Tonight we will share xmas eve with my dad, we have a big meal & presents there. Just waiting for the kids to get home right now, Brie is at her daddy's, Krystal is having a xmas dinner with her boyfriends family & Zac just got called out to a fire in Groveton.
Tomorrow morning we will get up & enjoy christmas morning with our children & later go to my moms....two days of no cooking for me. Been having a couple really really really bad weeks & nothing is seeming to help!! But I will sit & be grateful I am still here & able to spend the holidays with my family. While you are all sitting around take a moment to say a prayer for our troops that can't be home with there family's, for the ones who have lost there lives & paid the ultimate sacrifice for us to beable to sit around the dinner table tomorrow & everyday!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Our baby

Little miss munchkin may be just a little she is showing off her new winter coat we bought her & she is very happy about it!!! She loves putting her outfits on, i actually have to put her basket up high so she won't get into them, if not she grabs them to bring to me so i get here dressed!!! So cute!!! To think this is daddy's pride &
As I am typing this my son is off to his Second structure fire...sadly it's the vets office, so i hope all the critters are safe. He loves this experience & I am so proud of it when the guys call to tell me what a great job he is doing, gives me that proud mommy moment of sayin...I created this wonderful child!!!
Krystal has applied to a culinary college & waiting on hearing if she gets in or not. God I'm not ready for this. Health wise she still isn't good....seems like we are always waiting for answers!!
Of course we can't forget about miss Brie brie....she is still amazing as always, loving JROTC & has presented colors for many events. I'm very proud of her too....definatly have the most amazing kids that make life worth living!!! I know if it wasn't for them I wouldn't deal with the pain I am faced with everyday!!! Love you my babies!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

a quick update...

Just a quick update for our has been a very long week here again, Krystals health has taken a turn for the bad again, we were in the hospital all night into the wee hours of the morning on thurs/friday. She was having alot of chest pain around her heart that had lasted a couple days that was gettin worse & she was having difficulty breathing. After lots of testing & IV's etc, they said her white count & monocytes are very high again & she has pleurisy...she has fluid building up around her lungs & heart. Which is what is making it difficult to breath & feels like someone is stabbin her with every beat of her heart. She is at very high risk for pneumonia & other complications. Tonight she was really having a hard imagian we will be back to hospital again soon. Just thought I would let the family & TRUE FRIENDS that HONESTLY care about our daughter...please say a prayer for her that she will be able to enjoy christmas with her family.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baby it's cold out there!!

It is so bitterly cold out there today, I don't even think it has made it up to zero out yet!!! I'm truly hoping the rest of winter isn't going to be this cold!! Really hoping Tim will light our beautiful fireplace tonight, seems like it will be a good night to try it out! As cold as it is I imagian my little man Zac will have a fire call, I hope not, but usually the coldest first night of the year keeps the fire departments sad this time of year though so close to the holidays....
I cannot believe Christmas is next Friday!!! Tim did some of the xmas shopping last saturday...guess he & the kids are doing a little more this coming weekend. Its going to be a very tight & small xmas due to buying a new house this year. Of course I have a decent wish list, but just going to try to enjoy being around the kids & family. Really would hope Santa would be nice & bring us a pellet stove for the basement....that is one thing we are trying to save for!
Keep warm......enjoy every moment you possibly can with your loved ones, too soon they are gone, be sure to tell the ones you love them, so you won't live with the regrets of not saying what you want to say if the unthinkable happens.... LIVE, LAUGH, & LOVE

Friday, December 11, 2009

my little man...

I am so proud of this fine young man I am honered to call my son!!! This pic was taken from a good friend of mine at the fire the other day. This was Zac's first official structure fire & he was very happy & proud!!! Loved the phone calls i got that night tellin me how proud they were of him & how hard he worked!!! I am so happy my friend caught this for sure will be a forever cherished one!!!! It certainly was a very long day for zac & the other great fireman we have on LFD & other surrounding towns...he got toned out about 2:30ish, he got home first time about 8:30 (during that one fire, they got toned out 2 other times so zac got to take care of 2 fires calls), then fed him some supper, & had him jump in shower....he had just sat down to rest & use his computer & then we hear " Lancaster fire dept...please stand by for tone" off he went again, the fire rekindled which is so common with "hot fires" like he was out til about 11:30pm!!! Long day for the guys!! I thought for sure he would sleep sound like a baby...but when we got up he said he hadn't slept much...he was still so excited that he got to help fight a big hot fire!!! Zac man mama is so proud of you & then fine young man you are becoming! Though there will never be a moment I will not worry about you when you are at the fire calls & when you join the pd this summer....but you are my little hero & you make me honored to be your mom!!! I love you

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

winter wonderland...

Well at least that's what it feels like today anyways...I am not a winter person at all, hate just about every part of it!!! Granted it is beautiful to look out the window to the snow covered trees & that's about it. This time of year I love lookin at houses decorated with beautiful lights...hoping some night to have someone take me for a ride so I can. We got our tree Sunday....didn't look so big in the store, but dang in the house it sure, decorated with tons of white lights which is my favorite. I don't like colored lights at all!!! It seems to always be a argument here cuz the hubs loves colored lights...
The kids got out of school at noon today due to weather....Josh, Krystal & Brie went out sliding to enjoy the new snow, didn't stay out too long though it was really cold with the strong winds. So mama had hot chocolate with lots of marshmallow waiting for them when they got in!!! Zac was & still is at his first structure fire...he was excited when it got toned out, so when they finally get home will be the true test of how much he really loves being on the fire dept!!! Have to admit I am a nervous wreck...but I know my two great friends that are on the dept are taking good care of him & will return to his mama safely!!! Tim also got released from work early so he's been out snow blowing....the plow truck is still being repaired & he's not happy!!!!
Well last week when i was feeling a little inspired to do some ended with just the thought of it, still haven't amounted to a darn thing...not even makin homemade cards again this year, some will only get a simple Merry Christmas card....I was sure to buy the ones that say MERRY CHRISTMAS....I am not a Happy Holiday politically correct type of person...NO ONE CAN TELL ME WHAT TO SAY!!!!!
Ok so the power keeps going on & guess that is a good sign off time!!! Live Laugh & LOVE!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


For once I am feelin excited...I know once you read this you'll probably think I'm crazy...but today was a good mail reward check for $45 & my very own personalized copy of Elizabeth Kartchners new book....52 scrapbooking challenges!!!! I love this girl & her work...simply amazing!!! Also loved Tim Holtz's new tag for today OMG is it gorgous...maybe just maybe if these darn pain pills kick in I might beable to create something small, it has been forever, I had lost my spark & interest...not because i don't have amazing pics of my kids but no desires to do anything!!! Hope you all had something amazing happen for you today :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dec 2 already!!!

Well I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving...ours was spent with alot of our family....great food, good laughs, & quality time! Still really tired & trying to recoop tho! The next day Brie & Zac had to march in a parade to kick off the christmas season....all the brave JROTC kids did a great job marchin in the rain, took at least 3 days to dry there uniforms though....sadly I missed it.
The first photo is our miss krystal with her very adorable wonderful boyfriend Joshua...he has been a blessing to her & our whole family, he knows how to brighten the worst days....which i've had way too many of these days!!! Anyways miss krystal is a HUGE christmas fan so she went bought her own tree for her bedroom & they decorated it that night listening to xmas music, room spray that smells like a xmas tree & all...they had a blast!!!
Second photo was promotion day in JROTC....Brieanna Lyn got promoted to private first class & Zac got promoted to Sgt!!! Way to go kiddos mommy is so proud of you & all your accomplishments!!!
Other than that trying to have a little xmas spirit for my kids....especially not knowing what the future holds! I am hoping tim will get some lights & put them up on the house this weekend...I so love white lights & the peacefullness of them.
till next time....LIVE, LAUGH, & LOVE DEEPLY!!!