Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It's been a very tough & horrible past week for me so I wanted to give a huge thank you out to the very special peeps in my life that helped me get through & brightend each day.....tim, krystal, zac, brie, uncle rolly, aunt cindy, leon, Rich, Gram & alot of thanks & appreciation to my dad who did tons of running & helpin out big time. Also a big shout out to my extended family for thoughts & prayers....love you all don't know what I'd do without any of you.
I am so loving this weather though, Krystal & I spent some special time alone this morning laying in the sun going into fantasy land of thinkin we were at the beach, hot guys serving us drinks...etc yeah we were having fun with our wild thoughts a few laughs & giggles. Hope you all been able to enjoy some sunshine.....hoping maybe after Krystal gets home from work we can go celebrate summer (finally) with an ice cream!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

finally finished

I FINALLY completed one layout...it took almost 2 weeks to do it but I did it. Miss Brie has loved the camera since she was born & the minute she sees one she instantly strikes a pose, but I really liked this one it was the more "natural" her. Plus was trying to cheer her up because she was mad that daddy or uncle wouldn't take her rafting that day....so the two sure fire ways to instantly cheer her up is bring out the camera or hand her something creative to do. I haven't quite figured out how to load the image real clear on this darn thing & I didn't want to wait for the hubs to get home tonight....so I just did it the way I know how. LOL.....I keep telling myself someday I will get a little smarter with these darn computers.
Speaking of new gadgets....Tim bought me the polaroid pogo!! It's so small & so darn cute but will come in handy for instant pics for the kids to have....We can even send a signal from our cell phone cameras to print off the image to.
Other than that not a whole lot going on around here, we did take a small walk on the tared path at the basin on sunday with Brie. I sure do miss hiking & doing the fun summer things with my kids, no more baseball, bowling, frisbie, etc down right sucks....but I get some enjoyment of watching them still being kids & snappin lots of pics.....still in shock that in less than two months my little girl is going to be 18!!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

time flies...

It is so hard to believe it's half way through the month of July & we still don't have summer yet??? I hope it gets here sooooooon! The rainy days have made great days just to stay curled up in bed watchin useless tv & that's about it. I am sooooo happy Tim & the kids didn't bother with the pool this year, we wouldn't of been able to use it with all this cold weather & the rain would of washed all the chemicals out, would of been a losing battle they would of dealt with. Right this moment it's very quiet at the house, Tim, Rich & Zac are out golfing again, mom & Brie are out for a walk, & krystal is workin a couple of hours. I seem so lost I can't even tell you the last time I was ever completly alone. Everyone seems to be taking advantage of the moments of sunshine we're having. The dr's want me to try going on short walks, but mom walks 3 to 4 miles almost daily, that's way to far for me especially now that I am so far out of shape.
Lil miss Krystal has been lucky for the past 3 days her boss bought her a scratch ticket & she won $50, then her & Rich went to town today & she won $100 on a ticket! maybe I should have her pick my powerball numbers for me. LOL Not much else to report....have a great night, think I'm going to lay back down & flip through a new magazine.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What were you doing?????

What were you doing today (7/8/09) @ 10:11???? Well I took out a pan of brownies for brownie sundaes for dessert tonight...darn rain has me so bummed might as well indulge in something yummy & bad!!!, Miss Brie is playing Wii Fit, Miss Krystal had fallen back asleep on couch due to bad migraine again (daily), Zac man in school & Tim somewhere in VT fixin someones computer issues, lol. Ok as if the rain isn't depressing enough, but to have it be so cold....where is summer???? Guess Krystal & Asia need to get together again & do there fabulous dance to make the sun come out, but now Asia is in SUNNY Califorina visiting her dad for the rest of summer. Maybe she'll send some sun & heat this way???PLEASE!!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Great memories.....

Well the fourth was a very very very wet day...changed clothes a few times, the rain was unreal, no sprinkle to warn you it just down poured really hard & quickly!!! We had about 35 friends & family over for Tim's annual fourth party....a few great memories that come to mind right now are Krystal & Asia doing the "make it stop raining dance" & it worked the sun poked through...lol, Aunt Cindy riding the scotter successfully this time, the babies & big kids enjoying the snap thingys, the fireworks rain shower, tim & zac holding up the tent over the grills, etc' so great to see all the family & friends together enjoying just being together in miserable weather. Luckily the rain did stop in time for Tim to present his amazing fireworks show again this year.....Great job hubby aka "tiny tim" lol
Sunday morning my father in law & his wife Trish took us to Polly's pancake house in sugar hill...yummo we had never been & always have wanted to...it was FANTABULOUS! As you can see the big kids (dad & trish) waited for there time on the horse...too funny!!!! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend....I know we did....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy fourth....

I hope you all have a very safe & wonderful fourth of July! Hopefully we will see the sun, it keeps trying to make it's apperance...I am so sick of RAIN!!!! Luckily the "boys" got there golf game in only got rained on for a few minutes, so not bad at all...each were a little soar last night & this morning. Also doing a little praying for my brother, he's playing the million dollar bingo today at foxwoods....i hope he can win this family needs a break in all the bad really soon! Hopefully soon Tim & I will have a HUGE annocement to make....for now it's on the QT & keepin everyone in suspense don't want to jinx this :) HAPPY FOURTH Y'ALL

Thursday, July 2, 2009

make it stop.......

I don't know about anybody else but I am sooooooooo sick & tired of all this darn rain....enough already!!! Really need it not to rain tomorrow...the "boys" are all planning there annual golf trip, Zac is so psyched he gets to play this year! Love seeing him getting involved this year with many things, in fact mommy has to really let go & finish signing the football forms....yup that's right he wants to play tackle football for the northern NH team! YIKES!!! His finger is just healing from the last break from JROTC football....so now that means not only does he want to be a cop like dad but play football too...I'm hoping there are no more dangerous things he wants to do..lol
Not a whole lot been going on, been watching all the Michael Jackson memory shows...still in shock over that one. Last week definatly not a good week for celebs. Funny to hear my kids listening to his music now & have it downloaded to there ipods. Miss Krystal just got the newest itouch (very fancy ipod)....mama wants one! Zac will be getting his at the end of summer for workin with my dad. Of course Brie wants one too...I cannot wait until the town turns on that lovely wireless tower that has been standing there for a couple months now, free wireless how great that will be to get rid of slower than dirt dial up! Too funny Zac is playin guitar hero right now & there is a bird outside the window sounds like it is singing to the beat of the music....
went to dads to see my step brother, his wife & baby they live in ohio so only see them once a year. smores on the only nice day this week, trip to dhmc.....really nothing thrilling....too much rain...please make it go away!!!
I did get a new rubber stamp from a friend that reads "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." just thought it was a really nice saying.