Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So Proud

This past weekend was youth turkey hunting...our son got one first thing in the morning. Grandpa took him out as he does for any of the hunting weighed in at 15 1/2 pounds! He was so proud as we were of him. Guess all that target practicing daily really paid off!! A few other things I am so proud of is Brie making honor roll yet again & for Krystal dealing with all this life challenges much better than her mama. We have to visit a electrophysiologist soon to figure out what they will do to her heart. Her seizures have been out of control lately, she's having them a few times a day again & in the shower. So sad!! On top of it we just found out there is something wrong with Tims heart & he has tons of tests coming right up. He's on new meds at this time. Not sure just how much more this family can endure, but we make the best of each day even if it means just laying around watching a movie or tv show together. My poor brother has pneumonia in one lung & bronchitis in the other. Now this whole swine flu has me terrified for any of us to be in the public... kids have specific orders to scrub & sanitize there hands constantly & stay away from everyone that is sneezing of coughing. I was sooooooo mad when 6 kids that just returned from mexico were allowed in school already. Loving this weather....feels cold today compared to the past 2 days but the sunshine is beautiful....sitting & watchin the kids play together is a great site to see but could definatly do without the ticks that they come in with....the joys of living in the woods....wouldn't change it for anything though! Not even the creepy man in the woods or those bears that like to sneak up.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Getting up to the beautiful sunny spring morning was nice, but looking out the window to see that the bears are back wasn't so nice....garbage EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!! So that would be one thing about spring I don't care for, but I did notice my moms flowers are starting to sprout & her crocuses are up....all signs warmer weather is closer every day:)
Sooooo I spoke with the cardiologist yesterday about Krystals readings from her heart monitor & there is abnormilties, so now we have to hurry to get her into the pediatric heart dr's at DHMC & find out which surgical procedure they will be wish us luck & prayers for our baby girl (I know she's 17 & not a baby, but she will always be my baby girl). Sadly I have to deal with other BS this week before I can tend to my child. anyways she is handling it ok for now, scared but ok.
Wishing my family, extended family & true friends a very Happy Easter tomorrow luckily it doesn't sound like it's going to snow like they thought at the beginning of the week!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Signs of SPRING!!!

When I looked out our window this morning this is what I saw....the first robin of the year a sure sign of spring is really here!!
Not a whole lot new around here, same ole stuff day after day.....we did find out Krystal doesn't have TB, they are still trying to rule out some of the diseases before they get more in depth with the more complicated ones. Waiting for more blood results to come in to see if her white count has come down at all or if it has risen more. Today she is in Manchester at a food bank helping with the soup kitchen for Mountain View Academy....last Friday she got to go to Fenway Park, it was really ify if she was going to be able to go due to health & her heart was "acting up" late Thursday night, but it's one of her dreams to go there....mommy & daddy are trying to figure out how to get her to a game....the one wish she we're working on it..shhhhhh it's top I have to say she has amazing teachers & the school has been great seems how she has missed weeks at a time of school this year. Thank goodness for my awesome family that helps out ALOT with all the needs of me & Krystal!!! I truly am blessed for them all.
Brie had dental work done the other day & has been in pain since in her jaw, she had such a tough time it took 1 1/2 hrs to do 3 teeth. I felt so bad for her...she cracked me up the other night though by saying mommy my face feels better when I me all she does is talk...LOL. Tim has painted almost all the ceilings here, looking great of course if you look at his shirt you'd have to wonder what wore more paint the ceiling or him???? My Zac man has been faithfully shooting anytime it's not raining....he's thinking he wants to be a cop like dad & he's really itchin to get his hands dirty by rebuilding a truck....yup he is PURE BOY!!! So sad to see them all grow so quickly. sigh...
Another thing the Whole Family Loves about this time of year is american favorite is Danny.....Brie loves Adam & Krystal is a Anoop predictions are that it will come down to Danny, Adam & the 16 year old girl...totally just went brain dead with the name guess that's what med's will do to ya....enjoy the sunshine while we have it...the nasty weather man said we could have a white Easter...yuck!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

April Showers......

Looks like we will certainly be getting plenty of April showers this week....I do love Spring though, all the newness of life beauty of wild critters around & watching flowers grow plus so much more. One of my favorite sounds of spring is the birds singing outside our bedroom window early in the morning. I've been fighting so hard these past couple of weeks to find something to relax me, no luck as of yet....a few things have made me smile like seeing the greenery coming up in our flower garden. Mud though....getting really old. Hmmmm trying to think of updates, influenza struck our house hard this year, of course with mommy not able to do the amount of cleaning, sterilizations, etc that I used to didn't help. So yes even I got it this year luckily only lasted a few days of high fever, swollen glands & tired. Weirdly though we all were craving really weird foods I would of killed for a steak & cheese during the worst of it....LOL...My dear sweet brother said that when I die he's burying me with a huge bottle of germ x...anyone who knows me knows I am nowhere without it!! Thank god for him, a friend & family to get me through all this BS that's going on right now....can't say much because of certain lurkers except there has been ALOT of hurt, betrayel & lies that I don't know how to deal with. Enough of that crap for now.....
Krystal finally got to take off heart monitor on Saturday so now we wait to find out if it will be meds or pacemaker or what for her heart. Then it will be dealing with the rest of the health issues on top of that. Hard being the parent to figure out what to fix first. Zac has been really working on his target practicing with his gun everyday....really wanting to protect his mama right now. Brie is busy learning her new guitar her dad gave her.....OMG!!!!
Hope all the extended family is doing well.....