Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally summer has hit us & I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Course would be almost perfect if I was laying on the beach or lake (like my kiddo's & brother)....yup the babies are away with there uncle for a few days they all left Sunday morning & will be home late tomorrow night. Sooooo what is it I do while everyone is gone.....ALOT of R&R, watchin pointless tv & a few good movies, sip on Crush strawberry & grape soda, go out to eat with Tim, do a little laundry, text, finally download tons of photos from my CF card onto my laptop & go through them (whew had over 2000 pics sittin on there). Enjoy the AC with my pups, keep looking at Krystals senior picture thinking how beautiful she is & how I cannot believe she is going to be 18 in a few weeks & a senior in HS....think about all the things I wish I would of done before this day with her...just goes to show how precious time is & how quickly it goes. Though I can no longer be the person I once was out running around playing with my kids, going bowling, riding go-carts, water slides, etc all the things I loved doing before I still cherish the moments I can watch them enjoying all the things I took for granted that I would always beable to do with them. Sometimes I smile just watching them grow & having fun, many times I cry or get angry with the fact I can't do things....it's a fight everyday not to slip into a deep depression, but I am thankful I am still alive & I can still watch my children grow & become wonderful young adults.
Enjoy this FANTABULOUS weather.....I know I am.....beautiful glowing sun filled with sunny memories that have been made.....LIVE LAUGH & LOVE

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