Thursday, September 10, 2009

So much to catch up on.....

First off I need to say Happy Birthday to my very wonderful mom!!! We all love you so much & don't know what I would do without all your love & support in the good & bad times...your the you!!
Finally back in the real world, boy have we felt like we've been living in the dark ages with no computer, no phone, etc; but it was for a very very good reason....Tim just bought a new house so we've moved & are loving most of it....I'm not a good person for changes (g00d 0r bad) so in time it will be all good!!! My absolute favorite part in the landscaping & the large inground pool!!! Zac man & brie took a dip a few times already even though the water is about 65 - 70 brrrrrrr too cold for this chick!!!! During our move one of our pups ran away the same day from it's suppose to be new owner she was gone for a week, we spent so much time in between the guys moving everything looking for her. We found her monday night & needless to say she isn't going anywhere ever again!!!!! We took a break from moving one night for a stress reliever & took the kids to the motor cross stunt thing at the fair, which was neat, luckily not a long show as the seating was really uncomfortable.......thank god for the pain patches....whoever evented those should be highly praised, no doesn't take away all the pain but makes it tolerable for me to get out with my kids for a little bit with taken the prescribed amount of pills. I still pray each & every night I will be like my old self once again some dr's say it's a very very slim chance but I have to hold onto hope.
Zac joined the fire dept & had his first meeting the other night & loves it!!!He has become such a fine young man, we are so proud of him!!!
That's about it for now....hope all is well to my extended family.... hope to see you soon!!


LynneForsythe said...

Congrat....I'm happy for you!!

RobinG said...

Thank you....miss ya