Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of you that did pray for my uncle Rolly...after 12 days of being in a coma, he finally woke up!!! He is no where out of the woods yet but was so great to have him talk to us the other day!!! Last night got a call from my dad though saying he had spiked a fever again & the dr's were working on him again....so asking for a few more prayers to help get him through this. My Aunt Cindy (his wife) needs them too as she is battling cancer & having chemo treatments at the same time....they are both the greatest people & need a break from all this terrible stuff!!!
For myself...well this weather is certainly raising havoc on my body!!!! I pray for myself just ONE day to be pain free...but don't want to complain too much, as my uncle is so much worse...my family & dear friends have been a huge help to me...my help today washed my quilt..we put it outside to dry for that fresh crisp yummy smell for when I crawl in bed tonight...well stupid thunderstorm came out of no where & it's soaked...just my luck..lol
The kids are all doing ok...allergies have attacked us all!!!!! Brie had a competition in JROTC this past weekend..I am so proud of her...and her team..the placed 1st in 3 catagories & 2nd overall... zac is enjoying the fire dept still & Krystal well her high school days are winding down..soon she will be graduating...I am so proud of all my children...love the people they are becoming & know what they want to do with there futures...Krystal...culinary, Zac...cop & fireman, Brie is joining the Marines....all great choices & fits them all to a "t"!!!!
Hope all my extended family & my friends are all doing well...sending loves out!!!

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