Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I so cannot believe these past two days...woke up yesterday to snow covered lawns & roads!!!! Then today spitting snow here in the mountains off & on all day, so disappointing to see snow in the middle of October!!! Needless to say I made chili in the crockpot (love that thing) & that's whats for dinner....well for a few of us. Brie & Zac are going out for pizza with Bries' boyfriend...thought it was really cool this boy suggested Zac go to, of course he & zac are friends too they're all in JROTC together. I am super proud of my son....I had an IEP meeting this morning for him & he is on honor roll only 4 points away in one class to be on HIGH honors that is his goal. He's really cracking down this year, he really wants to go to the police academy this summer, plus have to be passing to stay on Fire Dept. & if he stays on honor roll all year mom has to pay for drivers ed. !!! It is so worth it. Was a very proud moment to see Brie & Zacs pic in the newspaper this week for the drill competition two weeks ago...they are doing so good & finally those two have something in common & are really getting along...certainly a blessing in itself....I prayed this day would come.
Hope your all keeping warm:)
til next time LIVE, LAUGH & LOVE

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