Tuesday, October 6, 2009

toasty tuesday...

ok so I couldn't come up with a title, but it is nice & toasty warm in our house...it is so easy to heat seems how it's well insulated, we turn the thermostat to 62 & the house heats up to 74 no problem!! LOVE IT!!!! So much for a sunny beautiful day that the weather guy says we were suppose to have! Today even though it has taken me nearly 3 1/2 hrs to do I made my family some homemade cookies...it has been so long & I know they are missin the homemade goodies I used to make so hopefully this will put a smile on there face when they all get home tonight! Had to do something while waiting for the pool guys to get here & close down the pool for the winter...what a dreadful thought...WINTER.....YUCK!!!!
About the photos.....first one is lil miss Munchkin...she is our little spoiled princess!!! On Tims bday she was patiently waitin for a small piece of her daddys cake....i couldn't resist taken this photo!!! It's a face her mama & daddy love dearly...
The second photo is the JROTC drill/color guard team...I am one proud mama.....our team had 6 competitions on saturday in old town maine...they took home a FIRST place trophey, 4 Second place & one Third place....AWESOME JOB!!!!!! Most all these cadets are new to these teams including our two youngest....They competed against several other teams, they have I believe 5 more competions coming up.
One last little blurb....a very happy birthday to Bryan...our daughters very sweet boyfriend!!!

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