Monday, January 25, 2010

finally a new week.....

I patiently counted down the days last week for a brand new week, one that hopefully that won't be filled with pain & loss!!! Just about everyday last week had some sort of pain, & hurtful situations..wondered why god was testing my strength so much this past those of you that have a stronger connection with him, would you please pray for me & let him know I really am not strong enough for anymore right now....please. I will give quick little highlights to each day last week & maybe you will understand...Monday night we had to go to the funeral home for Ellens wake, rooms filled with tears & heartache, Tuesday was her funeral, that last time i would get to hold my best friend & say my final good byes to her, wednesday flat on couch all day not allowing people to come near me...that night tim took me to kenny & ellens to pick up her cockateil that now is in our home..feeling a little comfort of having a part of her here with me. Thursday workmans comp hearing...need not say anymore...excrutiating pain from the long ride & long day there.....Friday in bed all day from the pain....Friday night Josh rolls his car 4 times, thanking god & ellen for keeping our boy is totaled, but his worst symtom was glass in his eye from the windshield. Saturday....just was really a bad day!!! Sunday night talking to my mom health is going down hill quickly & Bandit ran off into woods....we have alot of coyotes living in our back yard...not fun!!!!! So yes i needed to count down the minutes for a new week to start!!!! Today just feel so worn, emotionally & physically.....sadly back to poppin pills left & right to ease the pain....please god just give me a break!!!

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