Friday, January 15, 2010

We will miss you Ellen....

Today is such very hard day for me, the pain is more than I feel that I can bare...a little after 5:30 am i heard the scanner go off with the ambulance being toned to one of my best friends thing I heard was CPR in progress, with no signs of life...yes Ellen is now in heaven. The pain is so hard to deal with....we have so many great memories & we had planned out the summer of sitting by the pool hiring a pool boy to take care of us....the pain is so deep tho i know she is no longer suffering i will truly miss her so much...there were only a couple people in my life that i could consider a true friend....she was the definition of just will be a day i will never forget... I am so torn I lose one of my best friends & it's my other best friend a very Happy Birthday Leon!!!
Rest in peace Ellen...we all love you & know you will be looking down on us....being my angel in the sky instead of by my side now.

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