Monday, April 19, 2010

Praying for a miracle....

Friday I got a call from my dad saying my favorite Uncle Rolly had been brought to aunt Cindy thought he had just the flu, but because he just had major heart surgery on March 23rd they wanted to see him just in soon as she got there with him he was in respitory distress, and instantly ventalated him. But he was stable. Saturday he took a HUGE turn for worse his kidney (which he had a kidney transplant 8 years ago)had failed, his heart was failing & the calls were coming in for all family to get there to say our was the most gut wrenchin call I had gotten since my best friend died in January. So we spent all weekend in ICU hoping & praying....with some small miracle & each of us including my kids went in to tell him we are not ready for him to leave us...some small miracle 5 am Sunday morning his kidney was functioning some & they cut back on some of the meds. He is on dialysis again, in a coma, etc...we counted 22 iv's running into him at least...he had broken his fever his heart beats are within normal range & he is makin urine...2 signs that we might witness a miracle...he's still not out of woods yet...still in a coma & on life support. I couldn't go back again today, way too much pain & needed some rest. My dad, my aunt & tons of family are by his side...they have been through so much, my aunt just got news her cancer had come back for 4th time & is activly on Chemo & pain she is not in greatest health to be there...they have been through so much I am asking all my extended family that is very active in church & my friends PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE say alot of prayers that he will pull through this!!! These are two of the most deserving people of a miracle...they are so in love...sadly met each other alot later in life, they've been married only 8 years...they need many more years together...I need my uncle for many more years...please say alot of prayers.

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