Thursday, April 22, 2010

prayers are working....

It was such a beautiful day yesterday, the kids & I spent quality time together just laying around, chatting, & went outside to take a few pics that didn't involve snow...I try now & then to take a pic with my kids because of my close calls with death..I want them to have some pics to remember there mama with...not to mention they sure are growing up fast on me!!! Can't believe in less then 2 months my baby is graduating high school....ugh...the thought makes me want to cry & be proud of her at the same moment.
Well so far my uncle is still holding on, his heart beat is back in normal rhythm, he is still in a coma, still on dialysis, but at least now we have a diagnosis of why this happend to him. When he had his heart surgery, he had a cathitor (sp?) in him & it has caused TSS toxic shock that shut his kidney down...with any luck it will work fine & with lots of prayers he will be on his very long road to recovery..but he is still with us. When we saw him Tues he wiggled his eyebrows & ears when we spoke to him a he knows we are there. So please keep those prayers rolling in. Praying for peaceful nights for him, Tues night was rough & last night too...Thank YOU

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