Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Military Ball

Boy do I have ALOT of scrappin to do just from last weeks events. Here is a picture of Zac with Leiutenant Col. Gearhart (his teacher) from the ball. As normal my son tried avoiding the camera for most of the night. Today though poor kid has come down with the flu....needless to say I'm lysoling everything so no one else gets it. The two girls are gone so it's Tim & I that really need to not get it. Today we had new couch & love seat delivered, our old set (almost 10 yrs old) was so beaten & not comfy at all. It was a great deal so we couldn't pass it up (I didn't even see it til today, Tim did). Feels good to have something new, we figured our kids are older now & the puppies are out of there chewing stage so we could finally treat ourselves. Besides hubby got a plow truck this weekend, no more snowblowing for 3 to 4 hours after working all day! So when daddy gets something....so does mommy...LOL works great for both of us!! We got almost a foot of snow here yesterday...was toooooo funny he had gotten up at 6 yesterday & said he needed to plow out his car & that he would get out of work early to plow for us & mom...I told him I knew he only wanted to play with his new toy...he & zac were out plowing for a couple hours. Mom & I both laughed at the two boys in the new toy!! Guess "boys" truly never grow up...LOL

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