Saturday, February 21, 2009

winter carnival

Thursday night was Brie's last winter carnival dance at the Lancaster Elementary School. So hard to believe my baby girl is already 13 & will be entering high school in the fall!! SO SAD:( She looked so beautiful & all grown up. Last night Tim had to work late so the kids & I had to run into littleton to do a few errands, so I decided to run into Gen. of memories real quick to say hi to Lynne & get a few new supplies...can't wait to start creating with them. Then we came home to make homemade pizza & play a board game together. Tonight is Zacs military ball so we've been polishing up all the pins & other parts of his uniform....mama certainly raised a fine looking man in uniform!!! He has informed us at this point he wants to follow in Tims footsteps & be a cop after getting out of school...guess I will never get to breathe that sigh of relief & will sit right next to the scanner when I know he's out on the streets as I did with every call out whether it was for the PD or fire dept. (which I still faithfully listen to so I know my dear friend(s) are ok. Besides I just want to know what's going on around us. Anyways off to help my baby boy get spiffed up...have a great night!

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