Tuesday, February 3, 2009


What a long few days it has been around here! Sat. morning Tim & Zac were up bright & early to start chopping all the ice off the roof because we sprung a few leaks in the girls room & bathroom again...we were so dissappointed because Tim & dad spent all that time putting on a brand new roof this fall, but it's because of the heat loss in the house from under the roof or something like that. So that took over 4 hours to do, then he had to help with my moms roof for the same reason. Krystal & I laid low all morning as neither of us were feelin that good. I've determined super bowl sunday is not a good night for this family, last year my husband thought he was having a heart attack so we missed it, this year Krystal somehow popped out the joint between her pelvic bone & back so we were in the ER that night! Luckily before that we had a pretty good family day, Tim & I decided to take gram, mom, & Rich to Hoagies to try our favorite little resturant & yup they are hooked to...the food is soooooooo good. The kids were all gone to different location, so it was just adult time (I almost forgot what that was like). Yesterday was on the road at 7 to meet with yet another dr. in Dart. he gave me a prescription for Lidoderm patches for relief in my neck...can't wait to try those tonight. Then it was fly back up the highway to get Krystal to a chiropracter for 12:30 in franconia....come to find out she popped out the joint on both sides, her left leg was over 2 inches shorter than the right. She has to go back tomorrow(wed) to try to get it placed back in. apparently it will take 3 times this week & 2 times next week & so on. This morning we had to meet with the cardiologist for krystal & will be starting tons of testing. Tomorrow is a ecocardiogram, next week is stress test, then tilt table test, they will be hooking her up on monitor for 30 days & so on...sounds like it may be able to be corrected with meds or surgery, so that's the positive news....but they have to find out exactly what it is she has. poor kid...i pray she gets a break from all this crap soon....then we have to go back to the oncologist again. owell so that's it for now...phew i'm over exhausted replaying it all again...

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