Thursday, April 9, 2009

Signs of SPRING!!!

When I looked out our window this morning this is what I saw....the first robin of the year a sure sign of spring is really here!!
Not a whole lot new around here, same ole stuff day after day.....we did find out Krystal doesn't have TB, they are still trying to rule out some of the diseases before they get more in depth with the more complicated ones. Waiting for more blood results to come in to see if her white count has come down at all or if it has risen more. Today she is in Manchester at a food bank helping with the soup kitchen for Mountain View Academy....last Friday she got to go to Fenway Park, it was really ify if she was going to be able to go due to health & her heart was "acting up" late Thursday night, but it's one of her dreams to go there....mommy & daddy are trying to figure out how to get her to a game....the one wish she we're working on it..shhhhhh it's top I have to say she has amazing teachers & the school has been great seems how she has missed weeks at a time of school this year. Thank goodness for my awesome family that helps out ALOT with all the needs of me & Krystal!!! I truly am blessed for them all.
Brie had dental work done the other day & has been in pain since in her jaw, she had such a tough time it took 1 1/2 hrs to do 3 teeth. I felt so bad for her...she cracked me up the other night though by saying mommy my face feels better when I me all she does is talk...LOL. Tim has painted almost all the ceilings here, looking great of course if you look at his shirt you'd have to wonder what wore more paint the ceiling or him???? My Zac man has been faithfully shooting anytime it's not raining....he's thinking he wants to be a cop like dad & he's really itchin to get his hands dirty by rebuilding a truck....yup he is PURE BOY!!! So sad to see them all grow so quickly. sigh...
Another thing the Whole Family Loves about this time of year is american favorite is Danny.....Brie loves Adam & Krystal is a Anoop predictions are that it will come down to Danny, Adam & the 16 year old girl...totally just went brain dead with the name guess that's what med's will do to ya....enjoy the sunshine while we have it...the nasty weather man said we could have a white Easter...yuck!!!

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