Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So Proud

This past weekend was youth turkey hunting...our son got one first thing in the morning. Grandpa took him out as he does for any of the hunting weighed in at 15 1/2 pounds! He was so proud as we were of him. Guess all that target practicing daily really paid off!! A few other things I am so proud of is Brie making honor roll yet again & for Krystal dealing with all this life challenges much better than her mama. We have to visit a electrophysiologist soon to figure out what they will do to her heart. Her seizures have been out of control lately, she's having them a few times a day again & in the shower. So sad!! On top of it we just found out there is something wrong with Tims heart & he has tons of tests coming right up. He's on new meds at this time. Not sure just how much more this family can endure, but we make the best of each day even if it means just laying around watching a movie or tv show together. My poor brother has pneumonia in one lung & bronchitis in the other. Now this whole swine flu has me terrified for any of us to be in the public... kids have specific orders to scrub & sanitize there hands constantly & stay away from everyone that is sneezing of coughing. I was sooooooo mad when 6 kids that just returned from mexico were allowed in school already. Loving this weather....feels cold today compared to the past 2 days but the sunshine is beautiful....sitting & watchin the kids play together is a great site to see but could definatly do without the ticks that they come in with....the joys of living in the woods....wouldn't change it for anything though! Not even the creepy man in the woods or those bears that like to sneak up.

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