Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Getting up to the beautiful sunny spring morning was nice, but looking out the window to see that the bears are back wasn't so nice....garbage EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!! So that would be one thing about spring I don't care for, but I did notice my moms flowers are starting to sprout & her crocuses are up....all signs warmer weather is closer every day:)
Sooooo I spoke with the cardiologist yesterday about Krystals readings from her heart monitor & there is abnormilties, so now we have to hurry to get her into the pediatric heart dr's at DHMC & find out which surgical procedure they will be wish us luck & prayers for our baby girl (I know she's 17 & not a baby, but she will always be my baby girl). Sadly I have to deal with other BS this week before I can tend to my child. anyways she is handling it ok for now, scared but ok.
Wishing my family, extended family & true friends a very Happy Easter tomorrow luckily it doesn't sound like it's going to snow like they thought at the beginning of the week!!!

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