Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So quiet....

It is so quiet, but peaceful during the days here with the kiddos all back in school. All I occasionally hear is the sounds of the little feet of the puppies on the wooden is too funny to watch them play & slide across the floor. My days around here have been sitting on the back deck enjoying the weather or sitting near the pool just relaxing although yesterday we had two things attempting to take a swim but were unsuccessful....two mice!!! Yuck but still better than a snake! LOL Loving the new high speed wireless internet I can go anywhere with the laptop & check out things if I want.....although I'm not a huge computer person so that don't happen alot. Love the view of the mountains, love the wildlife in our back yard, with almost 6 acres of land you can imagian our son is very happy to go exploring. We have a bunny that visits every morning.....which the pups aren't too crazy about. I love the privacy & the country setting we live in.....soon hopefully I'll be saying I love my new scrap room, tim has to put up shelving & finish arranging things....while my dad, son, brother & tim were moving all the stuff they all agreed I have way too much scrap/stamp stuff & I could open my own will be selling alot of it when we can go through everything to see what I really don't need anymore plus I see there is alot of new fun stuff coming out that I just have to have so will have to sell my stuff off to make room & afford the new goodies.
Our sweet daughter Krystal is turning 18 this Saturday.....can't believe how fast that went....talking about colleges already because we have to start with the finances of it. She has already been voted head chef for two functions coming up, her teacher wants her to do national championships cook offs...going to new york city in a few weeks, france in the many wonderful experiences for her coming up.
Loving this weather....I so love fall, it's my favorite time of year, the beauty of it is wonderful. The smell of candles burning, the crisp it!!!!

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