Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Can u believe???

Can you believe September is almost over?? I certainly can't, parts of me are very happy that it is though, it's such a crazy month with school starting, scheduals, & all those dang birthdays!!!! Speaking of birthdays....a very happy birthday to Tim....I've had great joy of picking on him this morning with the over the hill stuff, he's a whoppin 45 today!!! Tomorrow is miss Bries...then the birthdays are DONE!!!! YAH WaHOO!!!!!!
Not a whole lot going on to really report...Krystal finally got permission to ride with a boy this past Sat. I swear I have dreaded this day since I became a mom. My stomach was in knots until she arrived safely back home. I don't think that will ever change though. Zac's been scoping out his hunting spot & started making a "blind" & patiently counting down days till hunting season. Miss Brie...she's still just being Brie, totally boy crazy but at least focuses on her school work still thank goodness. Also very proud of Krystal, she's head chef for a big function thursday night...so exciting!!! Oh & the most shockin of all my boy is on high honor roll so far he has 100 in every class but 1....never thought I see that day....he really wants his license & the deal is he makes honor roll all year, we pay for drivers ed....I have faith in him & do believe he can do it!!! That's about it for happenings here...just enjoying the fall beauty that surrounds me.

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Deborah "DeBB!e" Ann Emmons said...

No Robin I can't believe it. Laura gets married next Saturday Oct 10th...time sure does fly. I think of you often and miss the fun times we had. Very happy for you all and your new home. Very exciting time for you all. Please stop in sometime. I would love see you and I know Lynne would also.