Monday, May 4, 2009

a few things....

A few things have saddend me a little through the weekend & many know we are a huge american idol fans, by hearing the news that lasts years David Cooks brother had passed away from cancer made me sad...his brother was the reason David tried & won American Idol & was by his side through the journey. Life is so short & so unexpected. Also made me a little sad that for the first time in a few years I missed out & didn't celebrate National Scrapbooking Day on Sat...haven't done much of anything on projects for a while, my poor mom is still waiting to get her birthday album back finished!! I won't be able to celebrate mothers day with my mom this year as she will be gone.
Things that made me happy over the weekend...the calls from the inlaws to see how there son & grandchildren are doing. So sad that we don't keep in better contact (I know it works both ways:)! we live in the same state & only see each other maybe once or twice a year. It was also nice to watch all 3 kids & hubby tossing the football last night...gosh does Brie have one heck of a throw!!
This coming weekend is Krystals prom...thank you to mom for taking her shopping to find a gown. Makes me sad that I wasn't able to do this special moment with her, but I knew there was no way I could of done all those stores & traveling. Praying she can get through this evening with no problems & able to enjoy this special event in her life. Although tecniqually she has already been to a prom....she was in my belly growing like a weed for mine!
Another thing came to mind that made me happy to hurt as I am that the friendship wasn't what I thought it was I was happy to hear that my co worker made it through her surgery safely & is on the way to recovery. I will always cherish the special moments we had shared at one time, but definatly happy for her & her family that she is safe & hopefully be back to her normal life soon.

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