Friday, June 19, 2009

all grown up:(

This pic was taken Tuesday night at Brie's 8th grade graduation it is so hard to believe I am now a mother of 3 high school young adults...just breaks my heart to know how quickly they have grown. So many things I wish I would of done with them & things I wish I was able to do with them. Anyways...miss brie left wednesday morning for the annual white water rafting trip 8th grade does & just got back this afternoon. She had a blast & kept calling mommy to tell me about all the cute boys & about the cute guy that rescued her when she fell out of the raft.....yup she's boy crazy!!!! Tim & I will have our hands full with this Zac & daddy took off for a "guys" day this morning after zacs last final at school (Yahoo he passed his freshman year!!!). Krystal & I had to go get Brie, so we grabbed a bite to eat first a nice little mom/daughter lunch which doesn't happen unless we're at the childrens hospital anyways it turned into a quick visit to the ER....she was having a severe allergic reaction to something! Dear god will this child ever get a break???
Other than that not a whole lot to update the family's been alot of in bed time for me with massive headache & pain. Hubby has a ton of projects at work, not sure how he hasn't gone out of his mind yet between work & all my stuff he is at wits end. Sure hope we get nice weather soon this rain is killin me & it's not to great for the gardens either or makin any luck for fishin for my two guys.

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