Wednesday, June 24, 2009

summer fun...

First I Need to say a very belated Happy Fathers Day to those dads in my life....hope it was a good one for all of you!!! The kids got Tim new golf clubs (with mommy's money :) )that he & zac will be trying out next weekend with my father in law....they all can't wait to get out on the green!!! Then Brie got him new golf balls, Krystal got him a new shirt & cooked him breakfast, & Zac got him new hooks & weights for fishin! Daddy-o got treated good & seemed happy with all his gifts!
A few good laughs from the kids this past week....I was sitting with Krystal when I hear zac yell mom come take a get up thinkn wow he probably caught a huge one, well this is the pic of the prize winning fish!! Ha Then last night I went to sit on the steps for a minute & saw a ton of fire flys flying around, was such a beautiful sight! So I told the kiddos to come see, well miss krystal says mom can I use some hair spray I saw something on a show I want to try.....I agreed, apparently she said if she wrote a word in hairspray in the sky the fireflys would form the word so we could read it....I finally asked where did you watch the nutty professor!!! Too funny. For a girl that is going through so much she has such a wonderful joking personality that just lightens up the mood. She is a goof ball that's for sure.
I'm so jealous my bro is going to maine for the of our dear friends bday & he has a condo in maine so it's a yearly tradition to celebrate up there. But I just haven't been doing well enough lately to make the journey with him. Plus I'm so used to him being around that when he leaves me for a day or two I'm so lost. But I have my kiddo's with me & a hubby & friend that checks on me constantly. I do have to say I love what ever that foreign object in the sky was today...very hot but so nice to have summer lovin weather!!!!!!!

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