Wednesday, July 22, 2009

finally finished

I FINALLY completed one took almost 2 weeks to do it but I did it. Miss Brie has loved the camera since she was born & the minute she sees one she instantly strikes a pose, but I really liked this one it was the more "natural" her. Plus was trying to cheer her up because she was mad that daddy or uncle wouldn't take her rafting that the two sure fire ways to instantly cheer her up is bring out the camera or hand her something creative to do. I haven't quite figured out how to load the image real clear on this darn thing & I didn't want to wait for the hubs to get home I just did it the way I know how. LOL.....I keep telling myself someday I will get a little smarter with these darn computers.
Speaking of new gadgets....Tim bought me the polaroid pogo!! It's so small & so darn cute but will come in handy for instant pics for the kids to have....We can even send a signal from our cell phone cameras to print off the image to.
Other than that not a whole lot going on around here, we did take a small walk on the tared path at the basin on sunday with Brie. I sure do miss hiking & doing the fun summer things with my kids, no more baseball, bowling, frisbie, etc down right sucks....but I get some enjoyment of watching them still being kids & snappin lots of pics.....still in shock that in less than two months my little girl is going to be 18!!!!!

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