Thursday, July 2, 2009

make it stop.......

I don't know about anybody else but I am sooooooooo sick & tired of all this darn rain....enough already!!! Really need it not to rain tomorrow...the "boys" are all planning there annual golf trip, Zac is so psyched he gets to play this year! Love seeing him getting involved this year with many things, in fact mommy has to really let go & finish signing the football forms....yup that's right he wants to play tackle football for the northern NH team! YIKES!!! His finger is just healing from the last break from JROTC now that means not only does he want to be a cop like dad but play football too...I'm hoping there are no more dangerous things he wants to
Not a whole lot been going on, been watching all the Michael Jackson memory shows...still in shock over that one. Last week definatly not a good week for celebs. Funny to hear my kids listening to his music now & have it downloaded to there ipods. Miss Krystal just got the newest itouch (very fancy ipod)....mama wants one! Zac will be getting his at the end of summer for workin with my dad. Of course Brie wants one too...I cannot wait until the town turns on that lovely wireless tower that has been standing there for a couple months now, free wireless how great that will be to get rid of slower than dirt dial up! Too funny Zac is playin guitar hero right now & there is a bird outside the window sounds like it is singing to the beat of the music....
went to dads to see my step brother, his wife & baby they live in ohio so only see them once a year. smores on the only nice day this week, trip to dhmc.....really nothing thrilling....too much rain...please make it go away!!!
I did get a new rubber stamp from a friend that reads "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." just thought it was a really nice saying.

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