Wednesday, July 15, 2009

time flies...

It is so hard to believe it's half way through the month of July & we still don't have summer yet??? I hope it gets here sooooooon! The rainy days have made great days just to stay curled up in bed watchin useless tv & that's about it. I am sooooo happy Tim & the kids didn't bother with the pool this year, we wouldn't of been able to use it with all this cold weather & the rain would of washed all the chemicals out, would of been a losing battle they would of dealt with. Right this moment it's very quiet at the house, Tim, Rich & Zac are out golfing again, mom & Brie are out for a walk, & krystal is workin a couple of hours. I seem so lost I can't even tell you the last time I was ever completly alone. Everyone seems to be taking advantage of the moments of sunshine we're having. The dr's want me to try going on short walks, but mom walks 3 to 4 miles almost daily, that's way to far for me especially now that I am so far out of shape.
Lil miss Krystal has been lucky for the past 3 days her boss bought her a scratch ticket & she won $50, then her & Rich went to town today & she won $100 on a ticket! maybe I should have her pick my powerball numbers for me. LOL Not much else to report....have a great night, think I'm going to lay back down & flip through a new magazine.

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