Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What were you doing?????

What were you doing today (7/8/09) @ 10:11???? Well I took out a pan of brownies for brownie sundaes for dessert tonight...darn rain has me so bummed might as well indulge in something yummy & bad!!!, Miss Brie is playing Wii Fit, Miss Krystal had fallen back asleep on couch due to bad migraine again (daily), Zac man in school & Tim somewhere in VT fixin someones computer issues, lol. Ok as if the rain isn't depressing enough, but to have it be so cold....where is summer???? Guess Krystal & Asia need to get together again & do there fabulous dance to make the sun come out, but now Asia is in SUNNY Califorina visiting her dad for the rest of summer. Maybe she'll send some sun & heat this way???PLEASE!!!!

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