Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Exactly what is going on in this household now...a whole lota sneezing & sniffling!! Allergie season is in full force the only one not being affected yet is Tim. If I could only reach in & scratch my eyeballs for some relief...LOL. This has to be one of the things I dread the most about spring is the pollen & those wonderful dandilions floating in the air!
Zac has had two visits so far to the chiropractor, he some how popped out the joint between his hip & back which caused damage to the center of his spine & neck, he goes back again tomorrow which hopefully will be the last one but not sure. Poor kid has been in ALOT of pain.
Mom got home from her cruise safely Friday night, the whole rest of the family had fun creating a letter from her cats telling her why she shouldn't ever go away again...too funny
Tim & I picked out our final floor plans & moving forward with what was once only a dream. That man has a whole lot on his plate right now with work, taking care of me & the kids, home, etc....hmmm & we wonder why his ticker is acting up!
Enjoy the sunshine....temps are suppose to be 90 by thurs!!!! How great is that

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