Friday, May 29, 2009

Top 5.....

As I am trying so very hard to see POSITIVE in my life I challenged myself to come up with at least 5 things that made me happy this past week! So here it goes in no particular order at all...

1) Hubby taking me & the kids out to Hoagies for my all time favorite pizza (pepperoni, onion & peppers) they make the BEST pizza me I've have tried many different pizza places over the many years & this has definatly become a family favorite!!!

2)Wildlife this week; Finally getting to see my swamp donkey & on our way to DHMC this week I saw a mama hawk teaching her baby how to fly....breath taking moment. I love nature

3) A very exciting letter in the mail yesterday......requesting that Tim, I, & Krystal be present as she receives an honor at the annual academic awards...I am so happy & proud of her especially with the year she has had. My gut tells me it is for Culinary

4) Watching my little boy become a's sad but a happy moment at the same time

5) All the calls & texts from family & friends this week to keep my chin up. Plus teachin my mom how to text was totally fun.......of course all the text during the day from hubby to let me know he's thinkin about me while he works.

So those were the top things I could think of right now....hope to see some sun over the weekend.

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