Thursday, May 14, 2009

Proud daddy

Saturday night was Krystals junior prom....she looked so beautiful as you can see her daddy is very proud of her too. It was too funny as soon as the father/daughter dance was over & we were ready to leave the fire alarm went off & we all had to evacuate the building...just another part of the memory to laugh about. We actually allowed her to go to an party after....only because it was at a state trooper & lawyers worries:) While Tim & I were home waiting to go get her from the prom a HUGE bear was in our yard he was slapping a 4ft x 4ft dumpster around like it was a beach ball...he stood close to 7ft tall neither of us had ever seen one so big before, can honestly say I don't ever want to again.
Mothers Day was very quiet day, my mom was gone but we went to see gram brought her flowers & a card & just spent time with her. Tim & the kids got me some cards & a gift cert. to a scrapbooking store for $150!!! How great is that!!! Plus he took me to lunch.
On a sad note though we found out my aunt cindy's cancer is back & the rushed her into surgery yesterday...she pulled through the surgery great & now it is the sit & wait to find out more details.
Last night was a devastating night on American Idol for Danny is gone:( But I am sure he will make a cd & be at the top of the charts just like the great Chris him too! It's something about those raspy sexy Not much else on this end to report I can't seem to find any energy or ambition to want to amount to anything lately...this change constantly in the weather is making me ache soooooo bad & now the lovely allergy season is here. our vehicles look yellow. Have a great night.....

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