Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!

What a beautiful day it is although very cold this morning during the parade which I am sure all the men & women in uniform were very grateful for. My mom, gram, Tim, Brie & I all went to the parade in was a very proud moment for us all....Zac man was marching for the first time EVER in a parade. After ALOT of convincing, bribing & promise that his mom would be there he agreed to do it. I am so proud of my boy, which I have discovered as much as I would love him to stay my little boy his is very quickly turning into a fine young man. He is mowing lawns for the first time today (I know many of you are saying 15 & just barely mowing....I'm very overprotective & with a few disabilities it just wasn't safe before) Daddy is supervising very well! I was also sooooo happy my gram was able to go watch her great grandson march very proudly at least this one time. These kids are so lucky to still have their great grandmother & lots of great memories with her. The rest of today will be relax for me, this morning did me the "boys" will be grilling while mom, gram & I get to sit & watch.

A couple other EXCITING moments for me this weekend are Tim built me an above ground garden to have a few tomato plants & planted I FINALLY got to see a swamp donkey yesterday a.k.a. MOOSE.....not just one but two of them playing in the field in Littleton. How cool is that.....I have been patiently waiting & it finally happend! Ok so it doesn't take much to excite me these days...LOL!!! Hope you all have wonderful memorial day memories.....

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