Monday, December 21, 2009

Our baby

Little miss munchkin may be just a little she is showing off her new winter coat we bought her & she is very happy about it!!! She loves putting her outfits on, i actually have to put her basket up high so she won't get into them, if not she grabs them to bring to me so i get here dressed!!! So cute!!! To think this is daddy's pride &
As I am typing this my son is off to his Second structure fire...sadly it's the vets office, so i hope all the critters are safe. He loves this experience & I am so proud of it when the guys call to tell me what a great job he is doing, gives me that proud mommy moment of sayin...I created this wonderful child!!!
Krystal has applied to a culinary college & waiting on hearing if she gets in or not. God I'm not ready for this. Health wise she still isn't good....seems like we are always waiting for answers!!
Of course we can't forget about miss Brie brie....she is still amazing as always, loving JROTC & has presented colors for many events. I'm very proud of her too....definatly have the most amazing kids that make life worth living!!! I know if it wasn't for them I wouldn't deal with the pain I am faced with everyday!!! Love you my babies!!!

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