Saturday, December 26, 2009

So glad it's over!!!

Miss Munchkin was up early & patiently waiting to find out how many of those presents were her's!!! LOL Santa did a great job here again as always...he got me the newest itouch so i can have something to do on all those endless hours at the hospital. Then a tripod..i've wanted one for years & never have had one so now i finally do, a very large gift card to a local scrapbookin store, & a few other things. The two youngest got there new ipods too....we have to go buy the "skins" so we can tell who's is who's...Krystal badly wanted a video camera so that's what santa brought her, they were all happy. We spent xmas eve at my dads & xmas day at my moms...I'm one hurting girl today, but was great to spend time with my family from all around. Hope everyone enjoyed there xmas holiday. LIVE LAUGH & LOVE!!!

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