Wednesday, December 9, 2009

winter wonderland...

Well at least that's what it feels like today anyways...I am not a winter person at all, hate just about every part of it!!! Granted it is beautiful to look out the window to the snow covered trees & that's about it. This time of year I love lookin at houses decorated with beautiful lights...hoping some night to have someone take me for a ride so I can. We got our tree Sunday....didn't look so big in the store, but dang in the house it sure, decorated with tons of white lights which is my favorite. I don't like colored lights at all!!! It seems to always be a argument here cuz the hubs loves colored lights...
The kids got out of school at noon today due to weather....Josh, Krystal & Brie went out sliding to enjoy the new snow, didn't stay out too long though it was really cold with the strong winds. So mama had hot chocolate with lots of marshmallow waiting for them when they got in!!! Zac was & still is at his first structure fire...he was excited when it got toned out, so when they finally get home will be the true test of how much he really loves being on the fire dept!!! Have to admit I am a nervous wreck...but I know my two great friends that are on the dept are taking good care of him & will return to his mama safely!!! Tim also got released from work early so he's been out snow blowing....the plow truck is still being repaired & he's not happy!!!!
Well last week when i was feeling a little inspired to do some ended with just the thought of it, still haven't amounted to a darn thing...not even makin homemade cards again this year, some will only get a simple Merry Christmas card....I was sure to buy the ones that say MERRY CHRISTMAS....I am not a Happy Holiday politically correct type of person...NO ONE CAN TELL ME WHAT TO SAY!!!!!
Ok so the power keeps going on & guess that is a good sign off time!!! Live Laugh & LOVE!!

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