Thursday, December 17, 2009

Baby it's cold out there!!

It is so bitterly cold out there today, I don't even think it has made it up to zero out yet!!! I'm truly hoping the rest of winter isn't going to be this cold!! Really hoping Tim will light our beautiful fireplace tonight, seems like it will be a good night to try it out! As cold as it is I imagian my little man Zac will have a fire call, I hope not, but usually the coldest first night of the year keeps the fire departments sad this time of year though so close to the holidays....
I cannot believe Christmas is next Friday!!! Tim did some of the xmas shopping last saturday...guess he & the kids are doing a little more this coming weekend. Its going to be a very tight & small xmas due to buying a new house this year. Of course I have a decent wish list, but just going to try to enjoy being around the kids & family. Really would hope Santa would be nice & bring us a pellet stove for the basement....that is one thing we are trying to save for!
Keep warm......enjoy every moment you possibly can with your loved ones, too soon they are gone, be sure to tell the ones you love them, so you won't live with the regrets of not saying what you want to say if the unthinkable happens.... LIVE, LAUGH, & LOVE

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