Friday, December 11, 2009

my little man...

I am so proud of this fine young man I am honered to call my son!!! This pic was taken from a good friend of mine at the fire the other day. This was Zac's first official structure fire & he was very happy & proud!!! Loved the phone calls i got that night tellin me how proud they were of him & how hard he worked!!! I am so happy my friend caught this for sure will be a forever cherished one!!!! It certainly was a very long day for zac & the other great fireman we have on LFD & other surrounding towns...he got toned out about 2:30ish, he got home first time about 8:30 (during that one fire, they got toned out 2 other times so zac got to take care of 2 fires calls), then fed him some supper, & had him jump in shower....he had just sat down to rest & use his computer & then we hear " Lancaster fire dept...please stand by for tone" off he went again, the fire rekindled which is so common with "hot fires" like he was out til about 11:30pm!!! Long day for the guys!! I thought for sure he would sleep sound like a baby...but when we got up he said he hadn't slept much...he was still so excited that he got to help fight a big hot fire!!! Zac man mama is so proud of you & then fine young man you are becoming! Though there will never be a moment I will not worry about you when you are at the fire calls & when you join the pd this summer....but you are my little hero & you make me honored to be your mom!!! I love you

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