Thursday, December 24, 2009


Wanted to say a very Merry Christmas to my family & true friends. I hope you are all going to be blessed to spend time with your loved ones. Tonight we will share xmas eve with my dad, we have a big meal & presents there. Just waiting for the kids to get home right now, Brie is at her daddy's, Krystal is having a xmas dinner with her boyfriends family & Zac just got called out to a fire in Groveton.
Tomorrow morning we will get up & enjoy christmas morning with our children & later go to my moms....two days of no cooking for me. Been having a couple really really really bad weeks & nothing is seeming to help!! But I will sit & be grateful I am still here & able to spend the holidays with my family. While you are all sitting around take a moment to say a prayer for our troops that can't be home with there family's, for the ones who have lost there lives & paid the ultimate sacrifice for us to beable to sit around the dinner table tomorrow & everyday!!!

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