Saturday, December 19, 2009

a quick update...

Just a quick update for our has been a very long week here again, Krystals health has taken a turn for the bad again, we were in the hospital all night into the wee hours of the morning on thurs/friday. She was having alot of chest pain around her heart that had lasted a couple days that was gettin worse & she was having difficulty breathing. After lots of testing & IV's etc, they said her white count & monocytes are very high again & she has pleurisy...she has fluid building up around her lungs & heart. Which is what is making it difficult to breath & feels like someone is stabbin her with every beat of her heart. She is at very high risk for pneumonia & other complications. Tonight she was really having a hard imagian we will be back to hospital again soon. Just thought I would let the family & TRUE FRIENDS that HONESTLY care about our daughter...please say a prayer for her that she will be able to enjoy christmas with her family.

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